Karukinka represents a new model for the conservation of biodiversity based in the public-private and  local-global interaction, thanks to a particular alliance between WCS and Goldman Sachs. This relationship permits us to foster the national and international involvement in the development of new mechanisms of economic and ecological sustainability for conservation duties.

These duties consider five global aspects:

–        Prevent direct threats to terrestrial and aquatic wildlife.

–        Control of exotic species.

–        Research and monitoring.

–        Promoting the conservation of ecosystems beyond Karukinka.

–        Development of sustainable economic policies that consider the professional collaboration with the local community of Magallanes and other areas.

For this, we commit to articulate both national and trans-Andean efforts and actions regarding coverage and distribution of protected areas, the strengthening of scientific research and environmental education. Among the flagship projects that illustrate this work we can name:

–        Project for the conservation of the Guanaco in Tierra del Fuego.

–        Project for the conservation of the Huemul.

–        Project for the conservation of peat bogs.