From Tierra del Fuego to the rest of the world

In this southern corner of the planet, Karukinka is a natural heritage of a unique biodiversity that stands as an innovative model of conservation and, above all, totally open to the whole planet.

Since the beginning, the main purpose of WCS, the international conservation organization that manages the park, has been to share Karukinka, and has therefore designed a Public Use Plan that permits any and everyone the possibility to enjoy its unparalleled nature.

This plan, which is intended to receive educational, touristic or scientific research visits, includes the construction of a network of trails and paths that takes the visitors from birds and mammals sighting spots, to remote lakes, bays and rivers. It also includes a continuous improvement of the basic infrastructure needed to make the stay in Karukinka an experience wanted to be repeated.

Karukinka is a project developed by Chileans open to national involvement. It has an Advisory Council conformed by local scientists and businessmen, the majority of them Chilean, who contribute from their respective fields to the development and management of the Park.

Likewise, given that Karukinka is a local conservation project, the research team who also act as park rangers are Chilean, many of them from the Magallanes region.