Internships and thesis

WCS-Chile offers the opportunity to conduct internships in areas related to wildlife and biodiversity conservation, and opens the doors of Karukinka Park to all interested.

This summer 2014 we offer two specific internships to carry studies that are part of a larger work that aims to address priority issues for WCS in the field conservation, which will be carried out in the protected area of Karukinka in Tierra del Fuego. We require students of Biology, Environmental Biology, Agronomy or similar, in advanced courses of their careers. Knowledge desired, but not required, for this work: recognition capability of herbaceous species, knowledge of sampling in ecology, entomology knowledge, field experience. Both internships have 1-month duration. It is important to remember that the intern must deliver with data taken in the field a full internship report at the end, with analysis and results, which will enable us to evaluate its work.

WCS will bear the costs of transfer from Punta Arenas to Tierra del Fuego, round trip, accommodation, and food on site. It is essential to have medical insurance. Applications for internships will be received until October 31, 2013 and preference will be given to students from the University of Magallanes. Applicants must complete the attached form with personal interest/competence information, and then sent it via email to Ricardo Muza, Operations Manager at Punta Arenas ( and Derek Corcoran, Research Coordinator (

Likewise, Karukinka is open to researchers and scientists who want to generate knowledge related to conservation, and invite them to develop their Thesis on issues such as:

–        Ecosystem Restoration.

–        Ecology and conservation of peat bogs.

–        Exchange and carbon sequestration in Tierra del Fuego.

–        Management of exotic species.

–        Restoration of roads in protected areas.

–        Conservation and cultural recovery in Tierra del Fuego.

–        Other content that can contribute to our work (and are displayed on this site) are also welcome.

Download the application form here