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Karukinka receives visitors from October to November. Keep in mind that this is a place of difficult access, which can only be reached by your own vehicle, bike, plane or helicopter. The cellphone signal disappears 10 minutes before arriving at the park and is far away from hospitals and commerce. All of the above is part of its natural charm.


In at least 200km around the park there is nowhere to buy food or anything else, therefore is very important to bring all the required food and supplies for your stay, including water and fuel. In Cerro Sombrero, which is at 230km, and in Porvenir (270km), food is scarce, but you can get the basic provisions. It is recommended to buy the less common supplies in Punta Arenas. In Cameron (90km from Karukinka) you can find a store and in Russfin (70km) it is possible to buy fuel.


In the park there are no tents or equipment for lease, thus is necessary that you bring your own equipment. It is possible to camp in the Refugio Vicuña area, where the use of gas stoves it is allowed, taking all the necessary precautions to prevent fires. It is forbidden to light fires in any part of the park, and smoking is forbidden too. Similarly, all garbage must be carried and taken away from Karukinka. There is still no toilets or shower infrastructure for campers, but they can use the facilities of Vicuña.


There are two accommodation possibilities, which are the less expensive of the area. There is a guesthouse in Refugio Vicuña, where the residence of rangers is, with capacity for 15 people, and a lodge at Lago Escondido (a former livestock unit), which comfortably accommodates nine people. Both places have bathrooms and kitchen.

Neither of these places offers meals. Feeding depends on each visitor, who can cook on the premises of the shelters. More information


Throughout summer there are strong winds, and even though in some rare, occasional days, temperatures can reach 25°C or even 30°C, the average perceived temperature, or real feel, is about 15°C.

In winter the temperature is very low, and remains close to 0°C and some days fall down to -15ºC. The snow covers everything from May to August.


Visits must be coordinated with WCS-Punta Arenas. Ricardo Muza is the manager of logistics and, therefore, is the right person to contact with any questions or suggestions that you need for your trip.

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