The value of Karukinka

Karukinka is a unique place in the world that offers the opportunity to work concretely in the development of the conservation of the landscapes and shores of Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, looking into the future and contributing to the overall care of wildlife. To do so, we developed strategies that allow us to face the threats to our ecosystems, implement concrete conservation and ecological restoration actions, and invite everyone to be part of our mission.

We are a natural laboratory that offers spaces to coexist with nature; to study and learn from nature; and to act to protect her, while inspiring others to be part of these duties. We are guided by the fundamental values of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), such as integrity, respect, rigorousness, innovation, diversity and collaboration. We are certain that working with high standards will permit us recover our landscapes and vulnerable species, and we will become a center for global conservation.