We are all Karukinka

We are all Karukinka

Join WCS-Chile to preserve this Patagonian paradise and help us in enabling our vision to transform this unique and wild natural treasure, still untouched by man, as our legacy for mankind.

We are an NGO with many dreams, projects and plenty of energy to think, plan and execute them. However, the needs of conservation go beyond our means. We are still very much alone, with exceptionally low resources for the magnitude of our challenges. Every day we make wonderful efforts to achieve our goals, with conviction and passion. And every day we move forward a little. But we could do so much more, so much more! If we only have financial support.

We know that today companies make investments as part of their CSR programs. In Karukinka we strongly believe that we can transform these investments in environmental and social programs with great meaning and future; tiny investments when compared to the overall impacts of projects like these. We see tremendous possibilities for positive and creative partnerships to open the real world of conservation to the national private sector.

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Our figures

To run our project over the next decade we need US$ 22 million. For administrative and maintenance costs alone we need US$ 760,000 annually. Our trust fund is US$ 4 million. And our partners will provide the same amount over the next ten years.

We need to materialize our dreams and carry forward our project. Only to the extent that we generate knowledge and awareness about the importance of conservation, and that we include the local population, researchers, policy makers and students in our task, we will make our voices heard in the national debate on conservation, thus bringing the austral perspective to sustain the future of the heritage of south of Chile.

We intend to undertake specific missions during the next decade and we need to fund them: