What does WCS conserve in the planet?

It started over a hundred years ago protecting from extinction the American bison and today preserves the most vulnerable and emblematic creatures of nature, such as the gorillas of the Congo, tigers in India, the Mongolian gazelles, the jaguar of South America and large marine mammals.

Probably WCS is the most complete and comprehensive organization dedicated to conservation. In fact, it has helped establish more than 150 protected areas in different countries, working with governments, local organizations and small communities.

Education in conservation is one of its most beloved aims, because its ultimate goal is to delegate important tasks to people. So in Zambia, Cambodia and Bolivia, WCS has shared some very innovative partnerships with communities, which have been convinced that conservation means immediate and direct benefits.

Among its ongoing effort to connect citizens with nature, WCS manages four zoos and one aquarium in New York, led by the monumental Bronx Zoo. The team’s efforts are worth it, because they receive more than 4 million visitors per year.

In short, what is WCS all about? To inspire actions of conservation that benefit nature and mankind. To imagine a world in which wildlife and human beings coexist in a sustainable and integrated manner.

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